PornWorld - Cozy In The Attic

Talents : Katerina Hartlova • Roxanne Miller
Genre : bedroom •big tits •curvy •indoor •lesbian •lingerie •long hair •natural tits •pale white skin •tattoo
Description: PornoWorld presents: Cozy In The Attic - Put two busty girls in a secluded attic bedroom on a leopard print bedspread, and what do you get?Katerina Hartlova from the Czech Republic and Roxanne Miller from Romania, peeling out their flimsy scanties to enjoy their mega-tits in this fantastic serving of big natural boobs! Katerina Hartlova sucks and plays with Roxannes jumbo 38DDs, and you are there with your eyes almost feeling the squeezing and slurping of those gigantic knockers under Katerina Hartlovas horny touch. Melons are pressed together and then thongs come off so that theres plenty of maneuver room for a big black vibrator to find its way into Katerina Hartlovas cooch. And there are great shots at the end when Roxanne presses her knobs against Katerina Hartlovas 34DDs as the girls playfully stick out their tongues at us! Such naughty nymphs! And dont miss the cool shot where Roxanne rests her jugs on top of Katerina Hartlovas knees!
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