PornWorld - Her Life as a Pet [PT 2]

Talents : Latex Lucy • Angelica Heart
Genre : black hair •high heels •indoor •latex •lesbian •pale white skin
Description: PornoWorld presents: Her Life as a Pet [PT 2] - We return you to the bizarre future scenario when humans choose to live as pets...with Latex Lucy as the human kitty and Angelica Heart as her mistress! Things seem calm for the moment, now that Lucy has been disciplined for disobeying in last weeks installment...and indeed, we learn one of the advantages of being both a pet and a human is that you get to eat pussy when the mistress demands it! Lucy savors her owners snatch, and then is rewarded by being fondled through her catsuit and then face-sat! Judging by how pretty Angelicas peach looks, she must have lots of willing candidates for service underneath her...she writhes on top of her pet. But then she reciprocates, spitting on Lucys labia through the crotch hole in the catsuit and licking away as they indulge in a bit of sixty-nine. But what has Angelica in mind next? She feeds Lucy some champagne from an obscenely pink bottle...feeds her mouth, and then feeds her pussy! Lucy squats over the bottle while she continues to lick her mistress, and then she leans back and gets filled to the gushing brim with champagne, so much so that it pours out of her pussy all over the floor! OR IS THAT HUMAN KITTY PEE AS WELL? Let your imagination decide...Angelica sits on Lucys back and keeps fucking her with the bottle, and then pours the libation from a glass all over her quim as Lucy licks it up. Lucy has been a good kitty, and Angelica pets her as the scene comes to a close...say, this life as a human pet can be pretty good!!
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