PornWorld - Oral Expert's Challenge!

Talents : Samantha Bentley
Genre : deep throat •high heels •pale white skin •solo •stockings
Description: PornoWorld presents: Oral Expert's Challenge! - Samantha Bentley is very talented in many ways...especially orally! She’s not just a hot porn model, but a very good singer too. And here today she shows us her deep throat skills. Dressed up whimsically in a French maid’s outfit with a big pink bunny hat, Samantha starts by demonstrating how many fingers she can cram into her mouth. She then rubs her saliva on her bare pussy, which she reveals by pulling up the hem of her maid’s uniform. Taking out a huge black vibrator, Samantha stuffs her pussy well, getting it coated in her juices, and then raises the rubber phallus to her mouth to taste her essence. Shedding her outfit, she then lets us enjoy the sight of her body, nude except for her hat and thigh high stockings. She gets down to some seriously deep throat work on that vibrator, until thick saliva that almost looks like cum drips out of her lips. Her mascara starts to run from her blue eyes as she strains to take on the challenge of that gigantic toy...but nothing will stop the determination of this oral expert. Her saliva coats her titties, the nipples hardening with the intensity of her exertions. Finally she takes off the hat so she has total freedom and leverage as she leans her head back to take the monster phallus down her throat. She absorbs an amazing amount of it, her saliva sliding down onto her body in gooey strings, shimmering on her tits and gleaming on her fingers and stockings. Quite a spectacle indeed!
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